College Math Tutor & The aMAZEing Math Maze


Welcome, if you came here to find a College Math Tutor I'll talk about that towards the end of this page.  If you ended up here because you are traveling through the MAZE - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!  you made it to the 5th level.

Question #5 in the aMAZEing math maze.

Bob needs $1,350 to remodel his office.  He has $450 and plans to put aside $90 a week for x weeks, which inequality can be used to determine how many weeks it will take before Bob has at least the $1,350 he needs?

a)  450 - 90x ≤ 1,350

b)  450 + 90x ≤ 1,350

c) 90x - 450 ≥ 1,350

d) 90x + 450 ≥ 1.350

College Math Tutor

The mere fact that you are searching the web for a college math tutor is a bit confusing to me.  I apologize for probably missing something obvious - but here goes.  It seems that the best place to find a good, inexpensive, college math tutor would be at the college you are either attending or planning on attending.  Things have probably changed a lot from when I was a student, but the dorm bulletin boards used to be full of tutors willing to work relatively inexpensively.  Another source is the college newspaper.  And, possibly the best source, is to ask the college math teacher if he could recommend someone.  

O'k - but I should probably assume you've done all that.  Let's assume you know more about your situation than I do (a safe assumption).  When I was tutoring I worked for a company called Wyzant.  I am sure there are a lot of other services out there.  By working through an agency like this, you have recourse in case something goes wrong.  As far as I know, Wyzant doesn't do any background checks or actually guarantee anything.  But at least you have a place to complain to and, if a tutor has a bad reputation they probably can't get work with an agency.  I am not getting any commission or anything from this company and there are probably others out there.  But I wanted to give you an option that would work.

Another thing to consider about tutoring in general.  Does it make sense to meet with the tutor or would Skype or something like it do just as well or better.  It's unfortunate but there are a lot of nuts in the world.

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