Cool Math Game

The aMAZEing Math Maze is a really Cool Math Game.  So why are you here?

Actually, there are several possible ways to get to this page.  You may have gotten stuck on that last question you answered as well as the make up question.  Right now the maze is set up with 2 strikes and your out.  I know - it's supposed to be 3 strikes - what kind of american am I?

There's actually two more ways to get here.  One is that you did a search for Cool Math Game and - well, we consider aMAZEing Math to be just that.  Hey - it's growing.  Try out aMAZEing Math and see if you like it.  At the very least it's a good review of just about everything in Algebra 1.

No to both of those?  Ah, well then you evidently answered what is currently the last question of the Maze.  Meaning that I have not yet taken the time to add more questions.  We will get there, the plan is for this to be an extremely long maze (really).

Assuming you are being calm, and tolerant - I would like to thank you for your patience and tolerance.  Also, if you are actually looking for a maze game, click on maze game for a few of them.

Desolation - collapsed bridge in ruins of a city.

Doom, disaster the cool math game - not so cool!

Again - this is the end - but only for now.  The game will grow and grow - and, eventually it will reach it's goal and you will have done really well because you totally understand Algebra I now.  At which point, I will recommend you move on to the Algebra II - Even More aMAZEing MATH!  You will then readily admit - wow - what a cool math game!

O'k, it would be cooler with animation.  I am also working on that.  If you have any suggestions - let me know.

Really, when you think about it, how could anything math related not be totally cool?

When will I ever use Algebra?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if you understand it, you will use it.  If you don't understand it, you probably won't use it - but your life will be lessened by its lack (what a sentence - I just made that up).

Anyway, here are a few professions that make liberal usage of Algebra -

Accident Re-constructionist,       Accountant,       Air Traffic Controller,       Amusement Ride Designer,       Archaeologist,       Astronomer,       Auto Mechanic,       Automotive Designer,       Bio-technician,       Botanist,       Cartographer,       Caterer,       Chemical Engineer,       Chemist,       Civil Engineer,       Coast Guard,       Computer Programmer,       Dentist,       Economist,       Electrician,       Entomologist,       Farmer,       Financial Planner,       Fishery Biologist,       Forester,       Gerontologist,       Health Services Manager,       Hospital Administrator,       Investment Banker,       Marine Biologist,       Market Researcher,       Meteorologist,       Musician,       Nurse,       Nutritionist,       Ornithologist,       Paleontologist,       Pediatrician,       Personal Trainer, Pharmacist,       Photographer,       Physical Therapist,       Physician,       Police Detective,       Police Officer,       Real Estate Broker,       Sculptor,       Seismologist,       Set Designer,       Sound Technician,       Sports Statisticians,       Stockbroker,       Surveyor,       Teacher,       Web Developer.

And those are just a few.  Add to that anyone who invests money, makes money, or spends money.