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Wow, there's Cool Math Games 4 Kids, Cool Math Games Online, Cool Math Game and of course all the searches for just plain Mathematics Games.  All of these key words are being searched for in high numbers.  I'm getting the impression that people like math because of games?  I talk about Cool Math Games 4 Kids at the bottom of the page.

First, I want to talk to all the people working their way through the aMAZEing Math Maze.  If you're here from that then you must have missed Question #8.  No worries, we're going to explain how to do problems like Question #8 and then give you another problem like it as well as one more chance to move on to Question #9.

Question #8 Bob and the Consulting Business

The question was - Bob was planning on charging $50.  And an additional $20 for every hour he worked What does the $50 represent?

So, setting up a formula Bob's total bill will be 50 plus 20 times hours.  Or T = 50 +20H.

Do you remember the slope-intercept equation?  y = mx + b?  In that equation you want to find y, we call it the dependent variable because it's value depends on the value we give x.  The m is the slope of the line, you know - the rise over the run.  Th x is the independent variable, we can let it equal whatever we want, and then we find out what y has to be.  Lastly the b is the y intercept.

O'k, let's put our T = 50 + 20H in slope-intercept form.  y = 20H + 50 or y = 20x + 50.  So, T or y is the dependent variable.  20 is our m which is slope.  H or x is the independent variable.  And 50 is our b or y - intercept.  Why is b called the y-intercept?  Because when x = 0 all that's left of the formula is y = b.  And if you plot the point (O, b) you will be on the y axis - it's where the line intercepts or crosses the y axis.

So, the answer is that the $50 represents the y-intercept - answer d).

Question 8a Bob and the out of state job.

Well, Bob's business is booming.  One day, I believe it was last Tuesday, Bob gets a job out of state.  He tells the client that it will cost them $100 for him to drive out there and an additional $30 for every hour he spends at their place of business.

In the formula, what is the most precise answer for what we call the $30.

a)  Slope

b) Clissoford Variable

c) x-intercept

d) y-intercept

Cool Math Games 4 Kids

Wow, there are lots of games out there - and all of them use math to one degree or another.  At the vary least, someone is probably keeping score.  OI personally am an advocate of the aMAZEing Math Maze.  I know, you're saying - but Dave, it's just a bunch of math questions - what's so darn aMAZEing about it?  Hey - if you've got ideas that will make it better - let me know.  I have ideas that would make it better but I'm still trying to learn to program this stuff.  No - really, I'd love to here your suggestions and thoughts.  Just use the contact form.

O'k, the maze is for Algebra students.  If you're looking for some cool math games 4 kids that are younger, say ages 2 - 7.  You might try  I confess, I have not tried them, but it looks good.  They don't pay me for an endorsement - give them a shot if it looks applicable and let me know what you think.

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