Cool Math Games Online - and the aMAZEing Math Maze


If you're here because you're looking for Cool Math Games Online - never fear, I have information on that near the bottom of the page.  If, on the other hand, you are actively involved in the aMAZEing Math Maze, Wow - good job, you have correctly answered 8 questions and are getting ready for number 9!

Incidentally, the aMAZEing Math Maze should qualify as a Cool Math Game in an of itself.

9)  Find the value of x in the following equation -

11x2 + x = 10x2 + 2

a) x = -1  or x = -2

b) x = -1 or x = 2

c) x = 1 or x = -2

d) x = 1 or x = 2

Cool Math Games Online

First a plug for the aMAZEing Math Game, it's free, it's here, and it's aimed at Algebra 1 students.  Choose aMAZEing Math from the menu at the left side of the page, and give it a try.

Well gee.  Quite frankly most of the online math games help you improve your reaction time but don't really teach mathematics.  There is one that I have been wondering about, it looks good - but I don't know enough about it to make a recommendation.  Take a look at Reflex Math .  It looks like it could help teach at least the basics.  You can try it for free, and if you hunt around enough you'll find out that they sell annual subscriptions for around $35.  They aren't paying me anything, I haven't had a chance to try it yet, and they may have changed the terms after I wrote this.

With recommendations like that, it really is a wonder they haven't offered to pay me anything.  The point is decent mathematics games are really hard to find.  Fun mathematics games are everywhere, I enjoy several of them.  But, like I said, even though they are math themed - I doubt anyone actually learns from the majority of them.

Hey, I would love your comments.  If you send some in - we might (will) start a forum.  I just think it would look sad to start a forum and have no contributions to it.  So, I'm waiting on you to make the first move.  Feel free to insult/disagree with me or the way my site is looking/acting/being.  Just keep it clean.  I teach high school math and would hate to make you stay after.

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