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Quite frankly, I'm a bit confused by Cool Math Kid, maybe that's what makes him cool.  Anyway, this page serves a dual purpose.  On the one hand, it's where you end up if you answer Q6 of the aMAZEing Math Maze incorrectly.  On the other, at the end of the page, we'll talk more about the Cool Math Kid.  But first, Question #6.

Question 6, the graph of y = 2x - 4.

Remember this guy?  The question went like this - if the slope was doubled, the resulting equation would be y = 4x - 4.  Which is the correct comparison of the two lines?

Hopefully, you recall the general equation of y = mx + b. This form tells us that m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.  So, our original equation of y = 2x - 4 has a slope of 2 and an y intercept of -4.  The new equation of y = 4x - 4 has a slope of 4 and the y intercept stays the same with -4.

Incidentally, the y - intercept is where the line crosses the y axis.  It will cross the y axis when x = 0.  In both of those equations y = -4 when x = 0.  

Answer a) said that The x-intercept and the y intercept changed.  We just pointed out that the y-intercept did not change.  So the answer is not a.

Answer b) says that the x intercept and the y intercept stayed the same.  When y = 0 (that's the x intercept)  The first equation solved for y becomes x = 4/2 and the second equation becomes x = 4/4.  So, the answer is not b).

d) says that the x-intercept is the same and the y-intercept changes.  We already discussed this - the y intercept stays the same.

c) The x-intercept changes, and the y-intercept is the same.  This is the correct answer.

Remember - the y-intercept is what y = when x is 0, the x-intercept is what x = when y is 0.

If you've got it - Let's give it one more try!

Let's look at what happens with y = 3x + 2 when we double the intercept, and make it y = 3x + 4.

a) The x-intercept and the y-intercept changed.

b) The x intercept and the y-intercept stayed the same.

c) The x-intercept changes, and the y-intercept is the same

d) the x-intercept is the same, and the y-intercept changes.

Cool Math Kid

The second half of these aMAZEing Math Maze pages are devoted to whatever people are surfing for on the web.  At the time of this writing, 258 of you were searching for this topic and only 1 website was supplying it.    For this reason, I decided to step in.

Now, I'm a little stuck.  I'm not totally sure what you want.  There was a child on the Little Big Shots television show that you can watch.  He was a pretty cool 5 year old.

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