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Ah, about me - hmmm, here goes.  My name is Dave Osborn, and I absolutely love mathematics.  I was an auditor of Student Loans at Banks and Colleges for the state of North Dakota, then moved to Missouri and became the Director of Financial Aid at a Junior College, I really didn't like it.  I have always wanted to be a high school mathematics teacher so, at the age of 58 I left my job and went back to school.  I finished my Masters and Education Specialist degrees, as well as getting certified to teach 5th - 12th grade mathematics.  I taught high school mathematics for 5 years.  Retired, worked as a mathematics tutor.  And, currently, I'm back to teaching Mathematics On-Line.   (yes, I'm incredibly old).  

Another semi-interesting thig, is that I left SiteSell for several years.  So, the site sat dormant .  Well, I'm back as of 9/23/2022.  Luckily - Math hasn't changed much.

So, if you have any math questions - I totally want to help.  I have decided to start with High School mathematics because I believe that's when a lot of people start muttering "I hate math."  A phrase that translates to "I don't understand math."  Which is a darn shame.  Math is one of the few things that can actually be pretty much understood!

You may notice that I know little or nothing about web design or programming.  I'm learning - and would love to hear any encouraging suggestions you may have.  There's way too much negativity in the world, so help me out while I try to help you.

One more thing, I'm using this SBI! service to write my web-site.  It has a lot of advice on how to make my pages rank higher in search engines and other things to help me be successful at this.  So, I attempt to follow all those rules as well as write in my own voice.  One of the things the "Analyze It!" software is currently telling me is that I need to use the keywords for this page (Dave Osborn) two more times.  I have no real good ideas for working in my name - Dave Osborn, two more times.  Ah well....

The theory is that if I'm going to compete against the people who do this kind of thing for a living, the only thing I really have going for me is my own personality (everyone that knows me - fears that if this is true - I'm probably doomed.

Finally, I'm fairly good at math - writing - not so much.  So advice is welcome.

But - enough About Me --


The sub-Heading for Dave Osborn!

I have read that every web-page should have a sub-heading.  So - here's this one.  There just isn't much to say about me.  I am trying to talk about math on an internet that has a lot of really great, extremely well funded, expertly done web-sites about math.  So, from that stand point, probably not a great idea.  On the other hand, brilliant sites such as Khan Academy, do a great job of teaching the subject matter and testing to see if you know it.  My goal is not to test you to see if you know the material, but simply to help you understand the material.  I know - it all sounds like the same thing.  But there are important differences.

Most sites will ask you a bunch of questions and tell you your score.  My Amazing Math Maze asks you one question, if you get it wrong it tells you why you got it wrong and asks a similar question.  The goal is to teach you Algebra, not to find out if you already know it.  Try out the maze, and tell me what you think.

Anyway, a work in progress.  I am very open to your suggestions or comments.

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