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Welcome to distributive and the Amazing Math Maze.  So, either you missed Question 12 of the aMazing Math Maze of you found this page doing a search for the distributive law.  I would love to tell you about the aMazing Math Maze which was built for Algebra 1 students - but first I would like to talk about question 12.  There are people doing really well with the Maze that have missed Question 12 and we are about to tell them why - and give them another shot at it.

Question 12 of the aMazing Math Maze

If you'll recall the question looked like this -

3x(x4+ x - 3)

a) 3x4 + 4x – 3

b) 3x5 + x – 3

c) 3x5 + 3x – 9

d) 3x5 + 3x2 - 9x

And, I mentioned that we would be using the distributive property.  By this I meant that we would multiply each term in the parentheses by the term outside the parentheses.  So each item gets multiplied by 3x.

 In answer A we multiplied the first term by 3 but not by x.  It should have raised the exponent to 5.   

In answer B we multiplied the first term by 3x but not the second or third.

In answer C we were correct in the first term, but failed to multiply the second or third term by the x.

Answer D was the correct answer.

The Distributive Property

In the above example I used arrows to show what the term outside the parenthesis gets multiplied times.  6x squared first gets multiplied times the 3x cubed, and we get 18 x to the fifth.  6 times 3 is 18 and x squared times x to the third is x to the 5th.  The purple arrow shows the next multiplication resulting in negative 12 x to the fourth, then the brown arrow ends up being 24 x squared.  Note that we leave the negative 2x alone - it' not in the parenthesis.  And the whole mess equals 5.    If you like worksheets (and who doesn't?)  Kutra Software is a good resource.  Keeping in mind, I am accepting no remuneration from them (mostly because it hasn't been offered).  Anyway, if you have any comments about their service, I am very curious as to your experience.  Please write me a note using the form at the bottom of this page - thanks.

The new Problem 12a

2x2(x3+ 6) -7

a) 2x5 + 12x2 – 7

b) 3x5 + 12x – 7

c) 2x5 + 12x2 – 14x2

d) 2x5 - 2x2

Click a letter corresponding to the most correct answer of the expression.

a)  b)  c)  d)  

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