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Talk about your definitive Free Math Games Online!  Actually - I'm working on it.  You are currently in the aMAZEing Maze.  But, at the end of this page I will also talk about other free mathematics games you can find online.  People who miss a question in the maze end up at one of these type sites.  To make it more interesting, I also cover a subject related to mathematics 

Question 5 - Bob's remodel

So, here's the problem in a nutshell.  Bob needs $1350, he has $450 and he can contribute $90 a week.  The first thing we're told is that he needs $1350.  But, we can also assume that he'd be O'k with more than $1350.  So we are in a situation where the formula will say greater than or equal to $1350.  Which is written  $1350.  Notice how the symbol > has the ends of the corner farther apart on the left side?  That means greater than, if it was < then we would say less than.  We read left to right.  But, in this case the > symbol has a line under it.  That line reads "or equal to".

Knowing that we want the formula to end  $1350, we have eliminated answers a and b.  Bob starts with $450 and adds $90 to that total every week, trying to accumulate at least $1350.  Because he is adding another $90 to the beginning $450 total each week, the answer has to be d) 90x + 450  1350,

Question #5 - One more time

Let's try that again with a similar problem.  This time Bob is trying to buy a car, from a friend, that cost $2000.  He has a down payment of $500 and plans to pay $100 a week until the car is paid for.  Which would be the best formula.

a 500 + 100x  ≥ 2000

b)  500 + 100x ≤ 2000

c) 100x - 500 ≥ 2000

d) 100x + 500  2000

What about Free Math Games Online?

If you are at an Algebra 1 level or above, then I really hope you will try the aMAZEing Math Maze.  Not what you had in mind?  It's my version of a Free Math Games Online.  I am continually working on this Maze to make it better, and have some exciting plans in the future for the Maze.  But enough about that.

Would it interest anyone to know that Free Math Games Online is different than Free Online Math Games?  Well, it's true.  Of course, if you go to free online math games you'll find similar information to what I am supplying here.  It is at that site that I recommend you go to a site put up by the National Council for Teacher's of Mathematics  where there is a game involving nets.  Pretty cool.

But - you're probably looking for explosions and such.  And, I admit, I enjoy those games as well.  I used to have a link to some of them, but the sites that hosted them would periodically take one game down presumably to replace it with another.  This gave me broken links and a lot of frustration.

In addition, most (if not all) of those games allow a person who knows the math, to get their answers quicker.  My goal, with this site, is to teach you the math you don't know.  But, if anyone has an idea of a math game that I could use at this site - I would be willing to consider it.  I would even be willing to pay you a percentage of my income from that page.   Use the contact form, and we'll talk.

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