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You are either here because you want to know more about Free Maths Worksheets or you have just answered Question 9 of the aMAZEing Math Maze incorrectly.  There is  more information on Free Maths Worksheets at the end of this page..  Either way - welcome.  I will first cover Maze business and then answer your questions about worksheets (see below).  You also may want to check out my Free Math Worksheet page.

The aMAZEing Math Maze

O'k, problems with Question 9.  No big whoop.  let's go over it.

First of all, it's not as hard as it looks.  Step 1 is to combine all the like terms. Lets say you have 3 apples and 2 oranges.  A friend gives you 2 apples and an orange.  So you now have 5 apples and 3 oranges - right?  You don't have 8 apples because you can't combine apples and oranges.  You have to keep them in separate categories.

O'k we're dealing with the formula -.

11x2 + x = 10x2 + 2

Step 1  -  We need to get all the variables on one side of the equation.

To do this we subtract 10 x squared from both sides which gives us the equation -

11x2 + x - 10x2 = 2

Step 2 - We need to combine like terms which means we want to look at 11 x squared and subtract 10 x squared from it.  This leaves us with - 

x2 + x = 2

Step 3 - Now, since this is going to be a quadratic equation, meaning an equation with a variable squared in it, l we want to solve for 0.  So, to get the whole mess equal to 0 we subtract 2 from both sides.

x2 + x - 2 = 0

Step 4 - Factor it

Great!  Now what?  Well, we could use the quadratic formula - but that's a bit extreme.  The rule for solving quadratics is that if we can find two numbers that multiply together to give you the last term (in this case the 2), and add together to give you the middle coefficient (in this case a 1 since the middle term is x or 1x), then you don't need to use the quadratic formula.

Well, 2 times a negative 1 = -2, the last term in the equation.  and 2 - 1 = 1 the middle coefficient in the equation.  So, this equation factors into (x + 2)(x - 1) = 0,  

Don't believe me?  Multiply it out and see if you don't get the original equation.

Step 5 - Find the roots

So, if (x + 2) = 0 do you see that 0(x - 1) would equal 0?

And if (x - 1) = 0, then (x + 2)0 would also equal 0?  Zero times anything is zero.

We have a quadratic and it will possibly have two possible answers.  To solve for the first answer (x + 2) =0, but subtract 2 from both sides and get x = -2.

To solve for the second answer, (x - 1) = 0, add 1 to each side of the equation and get x = 1.

Answer c was x = 1 or x = -2 - So that would have been a good one to go with.

No problem, here's another so that we can get back on track.

Find the roots of ...

5x2 + 6x + 4 = 4x2 + 2x

a)  x = 4 or x = 1

b) x = -2 

c) x = 2 or x = -2

d) x = 2

An image of a standard algebra worksheet

Free Maths Worksheet

O'k, first of all there is my page at Free Math Worksheets - O'k, it may not be as filled out as I would like.  So, I'll tell you about another resource especially for grades 1 - 6 at K5 Learning.  

Now, I'd like to ask you a question.  Why do a search of Free Maths Worksheets as opposed to Free Math Worksheets?  I looked it up, and mathematics was abbreviated to Maths in the early 20th century - but would just Math make more sense?

Understand, I'm not trying to be insulting.  You're in good company, according to my sources 15,772 of you did a search for free maths worksheets.  So maths appears to be the preferred word here - I'd just like to understand why?

I hope this site is helpful, and would love to hear any comments or suggestions you might have for making it better.

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