Free Online Math Games

I am still searching for good free online math games.  It's not easy, even the ones I'm using aren't that great.  Most the games I've found don't really teach anything.  If you know the math and can calculate it in a hurry - you'll do well.  A lot of the "math" games have very little to do with any math - they may use numbers, but not math.

The problem is, I really love a lot of these games.   And I waste a lot of time playing them.  But this isn't a game site.  It's a math site.  Anyway, have fun with these - and please suggest others.

Purely decorative symbol of transposed colors Purple and Yellow.

The Free Online Math Games aMAZEing Math

The game was up for about a month, and then it evidently died.  So, what I've done is invent aMAZEing MATH!   Which is a pretty impressive game, sort of.  O'k - it's not so much a game as an interactive quiz.  And, it's a work in progress.  Damn it Jim - I'm a math teacher, not a programmer!  (A homage to Bones on Star Trek - find out more by clicking.).

Anyway, even aMAZEing MATH! needs some programming.  All I can say is - I bought a book.  When I get a chance to read it - I'll try and throw some minor animation to the Maze.  I'm currently teaching Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus and, for some reason, Personal Finance.  So, I have a lot of preps.  It's a small private high school and in some of the classes I teach two subjects, one to one half of the room and the other to the other half of the room.  But 8 preps keeps me busy.  And, about now you're asking - "Why would I care?  Where's the games?".  This is my way of apologizing.

I need to get someone to write a math game and let me post that game on my site - without a bunch of advertising.  I will give you full credit and even provide links to your site.  I'm obviously not competing on the Free Online Math Games front.

If you've written a game that has a lot to do with mathematics, or if you know of a really good math game - let me know.  I would love to feature it on my site.

Nets Math - A great - free - Game

If you are not familiar with nets math, it's probably time you were.  These puppies show up on most entrance exams and standardized tests.  In addition - they're kind of fun.  A really good free site to check out is through the National Council for Teacher's of Mathematics Click on the bolded underline stuff to go to the link - and have fun.

Free Online Math Games