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The free online math tutor is available for a limited time, in a limited format.  So many caveats.  Please use the form below for any questions and I will answer them as quickly as I can.  O’k, maybe not ideal – but I did mention “free” didn’t I?  I can get rather busy, but I will really try to answer most of your questions within 24 hours and some will get answered much quicker.  

Incidentally, a decent math tutor will charge anywhere from $35 an hour on up.  many college math tutors are charging over $100 an hour.  On the bright side, if you live in a college town you can usually get a tutor for much less.

The limited time this free online math tutor thing has been added because I eventually would like to make money.  What we are working towards is a subscription based membership (just for the math tutoring and online math courses, and yes - we are looking for sponsors who might help us lower/eliminate fees) that will not only answer questions but provide an enhanced learning environment.  I know – whew, “an enhanced learning environment, what’s that all about?”  I am checking with other vendors and sites.  I hope to have a lot more information soon.  It is our hope to remain a Free Online Tutor resource.  It is possible/probable that we will have to charge a minimal amount for services in the future.  but the title Free Online Math Tutor really says it - so I will try to keep it free.

I am sure you already know this, but the Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation and many other supporters have set up Khan Academy.  They offer a lot of good information in the form of videos and worksheets.  It's free, and if you haven't checked it out - click on Khan Academy.  Really good stuff!

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Free Online Math Tutor - Algebra 1

The first course we will eventually be offering will be Algebra 1.  I picked Algebra 1 as a started because it seems to be where a lot of students begin to disconnect with mathematics.  This initial offering will be designed to replace a traditional year long course in Algebra 1.  Most courses are based on how much as student learns in 40 weeks of instruction.  In mathematics if a student, in one of these courses, falls behind it is doubtful that they will ever catch up.  If you miss the bus, at any point, it will leave without you.  In this course, the student cannot "fall behind".  The student is our only passenger and the bus will wait until he/she is ready to move on.

This course stands by itself.  It has it's own curriculum and text book, we use web resources whenever they are available.  Communication with the teacher is usually done through e-mail.  Students receive weekly assignments and assessments.  We will review the assessments and the next weeks assignments are based on the results of those assessments.  A student may move as fast or as slow as they want.

Please watch the following video on the current state of education and why I thought a course like this might be warranted.

Who teaches the online math courses?

I have state certification to teach math in grades 5-12 and have taught G.R.E. courses.  In public schools I have taught 7th and 8th grade math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.  My Bachelors degree is in Mathematics and I have both Masters and Specialists degrees in Education.

More importantly, I really love mathematics and I am certain that I can teach it better than it is usually being taught.  Not because I am the best teacher in the world, but because most schools are teaching mathematics the same way they taught it a century ago.  

Of course, this is all working towards our Online Algebra course which is coming soon.

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