Geometry Math Tutor and Question 4 of the aMAZEing Math Maze


Talking about Geometry Math Tutors is one of the things this page will do.

But - if you are in the aMAZEing Math Maze, you have answered 3 questions correctly and are a rising star!  Great Job!!!  So, I'm going to give you Question 4 before we talk about tutors.

Question 4

Look at the following sequence of numbers -

-12, -7, -2, 3, 8, ...

What is the pattern?  Is it

a)  Next = x -5

b) Next = x + 5

c) Next = 5*x - 1

d) Next = 5*x +1

Where x is the number previous to Next, and the * symbol means multiplication.

Geometry Math Tutor

What can I say, I was going to be this sites Geometry Math Tutor and then I got a full time teaching position and ....  There are a lot of online resources available. and - if you need help on a specific problem feel free to contact me.  Use the contact form at the bottom of most pages (including this one).

I tried to start a business tutoring math during the summer.  Here's the problem.  Let's assume your tutor works for an agency that has run background checks on the tutor.  Are you go to send you son or daughter to some stranger for one-on-one lessons?  Are you going to invite some stranger into your home to give one-on-one lessons?  It's probably perfectly safe, but with all the stories about all the nut cases in the news - you can see how it might be a problem.  So what if the person has a background check and is certified - your child might be there first victim.  Again, a good argument can be made that people are way too paranoid.

So, what do you do?  Might I suggest that if you do decide to get a tutor for your child, think about doing it over a Skype or other web service that allows face to face discussions over the internet.  Explain to your child why it is important to not give out any personal information.  And use a service like PayPal to pay them so the tutor does not have to know your address.

Alternatively, you can work with any of several great websites (like this one) that allow a student to learn Geometry.  Eventually, we will cover Geometry here.  Right after Algebra 1 and 2 (at least that is the plan).  By the way - if the student is about to embark on Geometry, then he/she should be ready to take the aMAZEing Math Maze it's free and aimed at Algebra 1 students (that's the course most students take before they take Geometry).

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