Math Addition Worksheets and Q6 in the aMAZEing Math Maze


At the end of this page is information on Math Addition Worksheets.  But this page also serves as Question 6 of the aMAZEing Math Maze.  So, let's work on the Maze first.  If you have actually worked through the first 5 questions in the Maze, then you have discovered we aren't fooling around here.  This is tough!  You Da Man! or Da Woman! - as the case may be.

Q6 The graph of y = 2x - 4 is shown below.

A graph of the line y = 2x - 4

If the slope of the line is doubled, the new equation is y = 4x - 4.  Which of these is a correct comparison of the two lines?

a) The x-intercept and y -intercept changed.

b) the x intercept and the y- intercept stayed the same.

c) The x-intercept changes, and the y-intercept is the same.

d) The x-intercept is the same, and the y-intercept changes.

A quick thanks to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Many of the MAZE questions are from their "retired" End-of-Course Assessment questions.

Math Addition Worksheets

To be totally honest, Math Addition Worksheets is a bit out of my field.  This site is currently geared towards Algebra 1 and above.  There are certainly a lot of really good addition worksheets out there.  But it was not my intention to lead you here so that you could keep searching.  So, I'll make a recommendation.

The plan was to provide a variety of worksheets for all math subjects.  But then, I found another site (which is in no way connected to mine).  The site is called  Here you can get all the worksheets you want.  If you'd like to get rid of the advertising and help these folks our - At the time of this writing you can become an ad-free member for $19.95 a year.  Pretty cool.  Otherwise, you can still get your worksheets with the added bonus of a plethora of advertisements.  Hey, everybody has to eat.

In a way, I hate competition!  But, these guys are really good and it's obvious that they put in some serious time developing this site.  Enjoy - but also let me know if there's any problems.  Like I said, this is an unsolicited endorsement of a site I know very little about (other than they appear to have nice worksheets).  If it should turn out that this site is controlled by nefarious entities please let me know.  But, I truly doubt that this is the case.  Some day, I may get around to setting up some worksheets of my own, but at present - why re-invent the wheel.  Heck, I'm having quite a bit of trouble getting this site done.

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