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You wanted information about Math Cartoons or, you're working your way through the Maze.  Either way - this is a good place to be.  I'm going to talk about the Maze question first - but scroll to the end of the page if you're only interested in Math Cartoons.

Question 12a on the Distributive Property

Well, congratulations on getting this far.  I see we're having some difficulties with question #12.  Let's look at the problem.

2x2(x3+ 6) -7

a) 2x5 + 12x2 – 7

b) 3x5 + 12x – 7

c) 2x5 + 12x2 – 14x2

d) 2x5 - 2x2

Hmmmm.  First of all, let me explain.  I am not very good at web design (you may have already noticed).  Math - O'k, I can do math.  But web design ...  So, you will no doubt notice several things that make you think - heck, I could do better than that!  I am totally open to suggestions and will be extremely appreciative if they are suggestions I can use.  I don't live close to a lake - so, telling me to jump into one is not considered all that helpful.  There is a form at the end of the web page (thanks).

I am using x^2 to mean x to the second power.  In order to make it look correct, I have to go into html mode and I'd rather not.  I hope this isn't confusing - if it is, let me know.

Well, we are distributing 2x^2 to each term in the parenthesis.  So first we multiply 2x^2 times x^3.  2x^2 is the same as (2)(x)(x) because x squared is x times itself.  x^3 is (x)(x)(x).  So, if we multiply those together we get (2)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x) or 2x^5 .  When you're multiplying like bases (the x) you add the exponents the ^2 plus the ^3 equals ^5.

But, we're not done.  We still have to multiply 2x^2 times the second term in the parenthesis the 6.  Well, there are no x's in the second term.  It's just the 6.  So, here we would multiply 2 times 6 and get 12x^2.  Now we're essentially done.  The answer is A) 2x^5 + 12x^2 - 7..

One last thing.  x is the same as x^1 or x to the first property.

Question 12b on the distributive property

Which of the following is equal to the expression below (pick a, b, c, or d listed at the end of the problem).

3x3(x + 8) -9

a) 3x3 + 24x3 – 9

b) 3x4 -1

c) 3x4 + 24x3 – 9

d) 3x4 - 24x3 -27

Click the letter that corresponds with the correct answer -

a)   b)   c)   d) 

Math Cartoon

O'k, I know what you're thinking - this is it?  Hey, I like it - it's obviously math and a cartoon.  Understand that if I wanted to give you Far Side or something, I would have to pay quite a bit.  If I could think these things up - I'd probably charge a lot also.  I got this from a public domain cartoon site called clipartpal they work off donations which I intend to do as soon as I make any money.  The indication that students would bombard the teacher with fruit and rubber darts may seem a bit unfair.  Unless you've been a teacher.

Speaking of unfair - I feel slightly guilty if you were seriously looking for math cartoons and I have lured you here under false pretense to show you my math maze.  If this is the case, I really do apologize.  I'm trying to learn the best way to set up this site and the key words are a bit of a challenge.  I will read your complaints and suggestions if you complete the form that follows this.  It's not a trick, I'm very interested and will take your comments to heart.

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