Math Coloring Sheets and the aMAZEing Math Maze


Here we are at Math Coloring Sheets and, possibly more importantly, question 11 of the aMAZEing Math Maze.  Congratulations!  I will talk for a bit about the Coloring Sheets at the end of this web page - but first, the next question in the aMAZEing Maze.

The aMAZEing Math Maze Question #11

a) y = x4

b) y = x/4

c) y = 4x

d) y = 4

Click a letter corresponding to the equation that is not  a linear function.

a)   b)   c)   d)   

Math Coloring Sheets

A rectangle filled with swirls of random color

So, Dave - do you have math coloring sheets or don't you?  Well, the simple answer is - no, not exactly.  You see this website, at this time, is geared towards Algebra I students.  Now, two things are happening.  The first is that this website is growing and may, one day, include all age groups.  The second thing is that coloring is expanding - and maybe I am wrong about the appropriate age to color math worksheets.

So, where do you go?  it appears that one good place would be  I get no referral fee and would love to have your opinion as to whether I am correct in recommending this site.  Just fill out the form below.


I could really use some assistance.  I'm trying to put together an interesting and educational Mathematics Maze.  The concept is simple.  Answer the questions in the Maze and progress through it.  Get a question wrong and I immediately explain how to work the problem for that question and then offer you a similar problem to solve.  Miss on the second try, and it's time to start over.

At some point in the near future I hope to add animation.  I also hope to add more game like features.  In addition, I would rather it be three strikes and your out instead of two strikes - but there are some many questions for just Algebra 1 that I want to keep putting in new questions rather than assume people are going to miss several times.

Your input is extremely valuable, and I promise I will keep your information safe.  Heck - I promise I won't gather more information that I need to discuss this with you.

Anyway - take a couple minutes and fill out the form with any comments or suggestions.  I really would appreciate it.

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