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You could be here because you searched for Math Games for Kids, or - you could be here because you missed question #8 in the aMAZEing Math Maze.  We'll discuss the games at the end of this web page, but if you're here because of the Maze.  We'll get into that after this next paragraph.

I think a great game for kids is the aMAZEing Math Maze.  It's geared to Algebra 1 students and above.  Give it a shot.  We're are continually adding to the Maze with features and content.  So, if you're not thrilled, or if you complete the maze - check back in a few days as it will probably have changed significantly.

Q8 8 Explained!

If you missed the question on Bob and the out of state job.  Don't sweat it.  Frustration is an important part of learning.  And you can throw in a bunch of other encouraging statements if you like - we've all heard them.  The point is, you can keep trying until you get it right - no one is really keeping score here.  Although - I hope to add that feature in the future.

The problem was - Bob charges $100 flat fee and another $30 for every hour he spends on the job.  We're asking what we call the $30.

Well, the answer is a) slope.  Remember the slope intercept formula y = mx + b?  Well, our formula in this problem could be written y = 30h + 100 or we could write it y = 30x + 100.  In our formula the y is how much they will have to pay Bob in total.  the 30 is multiplied times the number of hours he works which is x.  and the 100 is the charge for the flat fee.  Compare that to our slope intercept formula where y is the dependent variable (dependent on what well let x be),  m is slope, and b is the y intercept (where the point will be when x = 0).  Since me corresponds to 30 in our formula - 30 is the slope.

Answer b is the famous Clissoford Variable.  Don't feel bad if you've never heard of it.  I just made it up - there is no Clissoford Variable.

The x-intercept is the point on the line where y = 0 (the line crosses the x axis at that point.

The y-intercept is the point where x = 0.  In our formula y = 30x + 100, if we let x = 0 we end up with y = 30(0) + 100 or y = 0 + 100 or y = 100.  So the point (0,100) is where the line crosses the y axis and we say that 100 is the y intercept.

Hey - try the maze again - what the heck.

Math Games for Kids

Well, Math Games for Kids - There's a lot of them.  For this site, I actually try to push educational games as I really want people to get good at mathematics.  A lot of the games out there are pushing repetitive skills which measure how fast a person can do a problem rather than how well they can figure out how to do a problem.  Speed is not nearly as important as understanding.  If you understand what you need - you can compensate for another persons speed by using the calculator on your phone.  Now - I will move this soap box out of the way, and continue.

I have found a pretty good site (I think) for younger students to learn some math skills by playing games.  It is at,  They are not paying me, so if anything about this site is negative - please let me know.  It just occurred to me that that sounded like I was saying that if they did pay me, I would want to know - which is not what I meant.  Also let me know if you were looking for something different when you did a search for math games for kids.  

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