Math Tutors Needed and - you may have gotten Q4 wrong


The phrase Math Tutors Needed, reminds me of the cheesy 1967 film "Mars Needs Women".  Anyway, You are here because you want information on Tutors - or because you are working your way through the aMAZEing Math Maze and missed question 4.  We'll assume the later, and talk about tutors at the end of the page.

Finding a pattern in a series of numbers

The question was, what's the pattern in the series of numbers -12, -7, -2, 3, 8, ...

It's not always obvious, but in this case - we had some clues.  This is a multiple choice answer!  Could the answer be a)  Next = x - 5.  We start with -12, is the Next number -12 -5 or -17?  No, the next number is -7.

Answer b says the next number is x + 5.  Starting with -12 is the next number -12 + 5 or -7?  It is, so lets try the next number.  -7 + 5 is -2.  In fact any number in the series is generated by adding 5 to the previous number.  So, in this case, the answer would be b) x + 5.

Try it again, Question 4a

Take your time, and really think about this one.

The series is 10, 3, -4, -11, -18, ...

a) Next = x - 7

b) Next = x + 7

c) Next = (x - 1)/3

d) Next = x + 5

Looks like an old wood cutting of a teacher with small children in an old school house.

Math Tutors Needed

Math tutors needed implies more than one math tutor.

This is a bit of a tough one, since most people/companies who are looking for tutors would like to have them be local.  Why is that?  Force of habit?  The fact is, most students have access to a computer and most computers have a built in camera.  Shouldn't tutoring be done online?

Think about it, there's a lot of enabling companies out there.   One of the more popular ones is Skype, but there's more.  A tutor over the internet would be able to offer face-to-face instruction to anyone anywhere.  Without knowing the students address or even name (payment could be made over PayPal or a similar service).  You could send worksheets and other materials through e-mail.

I would love to discuss this.  For that matter, let me add some fuel to this fire.  What if we tore down all the school buildings and did the whole curriculum over the internet?  In fact, what if we converted all the schools into sports complexes (some think we've already done this with the high schools).  Students could learn at home and go to the building and field for football, basketball and other activities. 

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