So, you're here.  Either you did a search for mathematics or you finished the aMAZEing Math Maze.  If it's the former, go ahead and click on the aMAZEing Math Maze button on the left of the screen and it will take you to the beginning of the maze.  If you are a maze-ist, or would it be maze-ite?, anyway - if so - I apologize, you have finished the mathematics maze..

Why is it so short?  Well, it's a work in progress.  The maze we started with was for Algebra 1.  As I write this, this maze only has 14 questions (I hope it has grown a bit by now).  Each of those 14 questions have 2 alternate questions in case you missed the original.  So, even though it might have seemed short to a  prodigy like yourself, there were actually 42 web pages devoted to maze questions as of Question 14.

I hope to go back and provide even more alternate questions in the near future - but, I'm actually a bit anxious to get Algebra 1 finished so I can start on Algebra 2 or Geometry.  So, what's the target?  How many questions should the Algebra 1 maze contain?  My goal is 40 prime questions each with 2 alternates.  So, about 160 pages (not counting introductions and silly things like this page.


You deserve a wonderful prize - and who knows what you want better than you?  Go get yourself something really nice.

I had two wonderful grandmothers.  One of my grandmothers baked bread every day.  She made her own soap, and her biggest fun thing to do was work in the garden.  She was a devote Christian and kept an extremely tidy little home.  As I child, I often spent the night at my grandmothers house.  On the way to the bathroom, I would pass a wooden plaque in the shape of an acorn that had words printed on the surface.  As i grew up, at around the age of 15, I finally read those words.  It was a poem that I will always remember.  The author was listed as unknown - so if someone knows the author - let me in on it.  Anyway, here it is

When your works are many

And your rewards are few

Remember that the mighty oak

Was once a nut like you

If you look, you'll see mathematics in everything.  I took a picture of this tree because of the intricacies of the branching.  But I could have posted a picture of almost anything and legitimately tied it to math.  I'll stop now before I go all religious on you. 

Writing a quiz about mathematics has got to be one of the easiest tasks I've had.  Making the thing into a website was a bit harder, but I've managed to do it without spending much time learning about web design.  I have a wealth of ideas, but between teaching, playing computer games, my family, and life - there's just not much time.  (Those were not listed in any particular order)

Mathematics - Competition

At this point in time, my site has been up for about a year.  I am averaging 12.2 visitors a day.  To be slightly successful, according to my readings, I should be averaging about 50 visitors a day.  I'm not really promoting the site, so - maybe more people will come after I do.  First, I want to complete the majority of at least the Algebra 1 part.

I guess my main competitor is Khan Academy.  They're site is a bit larger than mine.  And they have a few more millions of dollars than I do.  Add to that the fact that they are using professional web designers!  As I write this, I see that there are six donors that have given ten million dollars or more   And 27 who only gave between 1 and 10 million.  If you give less than a million, well, you're hardly worth mentioning.

Seriously though - that's terrific.  Khan does a terrific job and I use it in my class room.  Thanks to the donors it's free.  If you're not using it - you probably should be.  And not just for Algebra 1.  I'm trying to compete (sort of) by doing things a little differently.  I hope you find my ramblings entertaining and educational.

There are a lot of other serious competitors - but that's what search engines are for.  If they mention me, I'll mention them (if they let me know they mentioned me).

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