Mathematics Formula PDF and Q10 of the aMAZEing Math Maze


Maybe you're just looking to find information on the Mathematics Formula PDF.  Well, you may be here because you missed question 10 of the aMAZEing Math Maze.  Either way, you're in the right place.  I'm going to talk about the Math Formula at the bottom of this web-page, first I want to talk about question #10 in the Maze.

Q10 of the aMAZEing Math Maze

I hope you are enjoying the maze.  You missed a question - no big whoop.  Nobody know but you, and - had you gotten it correct, you would have missed the eloquent explanation.  Hang with me - it's frustrating but you'll get it.

it's a graph from 100 to 0 on the y axis and from 2 to 30 on the x axis.  The points form a scatter plot.

"But I'm just no good at math!"  = Quit it!  Being good at math is simply a matter of not giving up.

As you'll recall, the above chart of points was the basis for the last question.  You're supposed to look at that pattern and try to see if you can identify a trend.  Do you notice how the dots are kind of going down-hill as we read left to right?  This means that there's a negative number being multiplied times our variable.  We call any number being multiplied times the variable a coefficient.  We call it that, because it makes us sound smart - as in - "ah, yes, quite right, I see we have an obvious negative coefficient here Williams - not good,  not good - you'll need to attend to that"  But - I digress...

O'k, our possible answers were:

a) y = -5x + 110

b) y = -5x + 85

c) y = 5x + 110

d) y = 5x + 85

Because of the negative coefficient, we have eliminated answers c) and d).  Since both of them have coefficients of positive 5.

Now, if we let x = 0 (and we can let x = anything we want, in order to see what it does to y).  Answer a) becomes y = 110 and answer b) becomes y = 85.  Look at the chart and find the 0 at the bottom left corner.  That is where x = 0.  Our scatter plot only goes over to x = 2, but - looking at the pattern, do you think it's more likely that when x = 0 y = 110 or y drops down to 85?  It looks to me like it's trending up to 110.  So a) is your correct answer.

Is it possible that it drops back down to 85?  Sure, but not as likely as for it to keep going to  110.  Here's another one ....

Another image of a scatter plot graph.

Q10a The aMAZEing Math Maze

So, here's your chance to make good.  I've even drawn the "line of best fit" which is supposed to indicate the general direction of the plotted points.  So - which of these equations seem most likely?

a) y = - x + 6

b) y = x + 6

c) y = -x + 3

d) y = x + 3

Mathematics Formula PDF

Finally, the information I promised you on the Mathematics Formula PDF!

All I can say is - wow.  There are some handy books of math formulas, but having a few of them in PDF format is going to be tough.  Is there a particular type of mathematics that you would like a few of the formulas for?  The Miami Date College has a listing of Common Math Formulas in a PDF format.  Hopefully that fits the bill.

Here's the thing - I am not trying to make fun of your search.  The reason I included an answer to this question is because 312 people have asked for the Mathematics Formula PDF.  I hope I've answered correctly. 

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