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Wow - well, either we are hunting for maths games for kids or we've reached question 12 of the aMAZEing Math Maze.  If it's O'k with you, I'll start with the quiz and finish up with information on Math Games.

Red Yellow and Blue polygon shapes arranged in colored circles

Question #12 in the aMAZEing Math Maze

O'k, here we go with the Distributive Law.  What is the product of the following expression?

3x(x4+ x - 3)

a) 3x4 + 4x – 3

b) 3x5 + x – 3

c) 3x5 + 3x – 9

d) 3x5 + 3x2 - 9x

Click a letter corresponding to the correct answer of the expression.

a)   b)   c)   d)   

Maths Games for Kids

Last I looked 7267 people searched for Maths Games for Kids.  Understand, the searches weren't for Math Games - they were for Maths Games.  And, I'll just say it out front, I'm not sure that many of these games actually help children to better understand mathematics.  So, might I recommend the aMAZEing Math Maze?  It's aimed at Algebra students and there is quite a bit of evidence that it will help kids understand mathematics.  Unfortunately, nothing actually blows up, or does anything cool - it just helps them understand mathematics (I'm working on it, and I may figure out a way to make things explode - "darn it Jim!, I'm a mathematician not a programmer!".  

I keep recommending abcmouse for kids ages 2-7.  there are several reasons for recommending them.  First of all it's free for 30 days, and secondly it's relatively cheap after that and there's no advertising or commitment.  I have not tried them myself and, I am in no way affiliated with the site.  But they look good and i wish I had their awards and testimonials.  Other than that - I would love to hear your opinion.

I like games of all kinds, and I enjoy playing math oriented games because I can do well at them.  But, according to what I've read, the most effective way to learn is not through repetition.  The best way is to learn something, wait a period of time, then try to recall that something.  The act of recalling the information after time has passed, helps put it in long term memory.  One of the ways they suggest to do this is  through flash cards.  Which brings us to the aMAZEing Math Maze.  The Maze is nothing more that an electronic flash card.  If you miss a question, it immediately explains why and lets you try again.  It doesn't keep score - so there's no judgement, just knowledge.

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