Maths Primary School and The aMAZEing Math Maze


If you're here about Maths Primary School, I talk about that at the end of this page.  But, if you missed Question 10a of the aMAZEing Math Maze - well, I'll talk about that first.

You were supposed to look at this line of best fit and match it to the proper formula from the following choices - 

a) y = -x + 6

b) y = x + 6

c) y = -x + 3

d) y = x + 3

a) y=-x + 6 ... If the coefficient of x is positive, the line goes up.  If it is negative, the line goes down.  In this case the coefficient of x is a negative 1, so the line should go down.  Choices a) and c) both have the lone going down with a negative coefficient of x.  So we can eliminate choices a) and c).

b) y = x + 6 ... This looks like a good choice.  What happens when x = 0?  Do you see that when x = 0 then y = 6?  Does the point (0,6) lie on our line in the chart?  It looks much closer to a 3 than a 6 doesn't it?

c) y = -x + 3 ...  We already talked about this when we rejected answer a).  This line is going up.

d) y = x + 3 ....  Yup, that's the correct answer.

Maths Primary School

Once again, I am slightly puzzled.  People are evidently doing searches for this.  What does the word Maths mean?  Math is short for mathematics.  But why is there an s on the abbreviation?  Ah well, I digress.

In Missouri we call it Elementary School, but - as I understand it, we are meaning the same thing.  I'm going to recommend a site that I have recommended on other pages - ABC Mouse for children ages 2-7.  If you have any thoughts concerning their services I would love to hear them.  As I have said - I don't receive a kick-back or anything, they just looked like a good site.  They give you a free month and then start charging $7.95 a month (or it least that was the price as of this writing.  They've won several awards and - perhaps best of all - they don't compete with me.  If you have some recommendations - of any kind - I would love to hear from you.  

I've been thinking about starting a forum of some kind.

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