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I do have information on Method Maths at the bottom of this page.  You have stumbled into the middle of the aMAZEing Math Maze.  So, I will start by explaining how Question 6 should have been solved.

Question 6     y = 3x + 2

So, taking the original question, what happens when we double the intercept?

Again, starting with the slope intercept equation in the form of y = mx + b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept, we look at our equation.  In the case of this question, m is 3 and b is 2.  This is hopefully obvious looking at the two equations.  If we double the y intercept, we double the b, and in this case the b = 2.  So, our original equation of y = 3x + 2 becomes y = 3x + 4.

To figure out where the equations intersect the y axis, let x = 0.  So in the first equation we get y = 3(0) + 2 or y = 2.  So x = 0, y = 2 or the intercept is at (0,2)

In the second equation y = 3(0) + 4, the y intercept is 4 or the intercept is at (0,4)  

The y intercept changed.

To find the x intercept, let y = 0.  So in the first equation 0 = 3x + 2.  Subtract 2 from both sides and get -2 = 3x.  Divide both sides by 3 and we end up with x = -2/3.  The x intercept is at (-2/3, 0).

In the second equation y = 3x + 4 we get 0 = 3x + 4.  Subtract 4 from both sides and get -4 = 3x, divide both sides by three and x = -4/3.  The x intercept is at (-4/3, 0).

The x intercept changed as well.

So the correct answer was a) The x-intercept and the y-intercept changed.

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Method Maths

Hello;  It turns out that Method Maths is actually a thing.  And if you click on the bolded  title, you will go there.  The site helps you prepare for the EDEXCEL GCSE 9-1, the OCR GCSE 9-1, and the KS2 SATS.  They offer a free trial and look like a really nice site  U apologize if it appears that I hijacked you.  This was not my intention.

However, since you are already here, why not try the aMAZEing Math Maze?

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