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I have set this up so that it is possible for everyone to make money.  I want to share this site with everyone that wants a share.  So, it's a bit complicated - but here's how it works.  This site will, eventually, I hope, make a profit from advertising and other devious methods.  I will try hard to make the monetary side of it as unobtrusive as possible.  I have worked to come up with a way to make profit sharing as fair and easy as possible (which turns out to be not as easy as I'd hoped) - so, here it is.

So, you're probably saying, this is another one of those "Get Rich Quick Schemes".  Gosh - I hope so.  Most of the "make money from home" sites assure you that they are not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme".  Personally, if given the choice, "Get Rich Quick" is exactly the way I would like to do it.  But, Alas, I started this thing in 2016 and have yet to make a penny.  On the plus side, a lot of companies have already contacted  me, and they are willing to work with me to make my site extremely profitable!  All I would need to do is pay them around $1000 and - bam!  My site is ready to cash in on the million dollar internet market.  Hey if Google can do it, why not me?

As you peruse this site, you will no doubt notice, there is considerable room for improvement.  Read on if you have an interest in possibly wasting your time for a worthy (worthy might be a misused term in this instance) endeavor.  

A jumble of gold coins.

#1 Money and Profit

This site has to pay to cover it's overhead.  We pay for a lot of things, including but not limited to, web-hosting and the time I spend building the site.  So, when the revenue starts there will be a back-load of expenses to pay before we actually make a profit.  Heck, it is conceivable that I may never make a profit (heaven forbid).  So, there's a running total of expenses that have to be paid before any profit is made.  I won't list the particulars until you ask for them, but suffice it to say that the site has cost me a little under $1500 so far.  It doesn't sound like that much until you compare it to income ($0 as of this writing).

I hope I'm painting a bleak enough picture.  I haven't tried to make any money yet.  At this point, due partly to a complete lack of social media or other advertising, we are getting about 20 visitors a day.  My assumption is that most of those are non-human programs seeking me out so that they can convince me to spend money on advertising or web development.  

#2 Your Job - Should you decide to accept it.

If you have an idea, a suggestion, an original idea, a website, or anything else that you think might be a valuable addition to this site - please submit it (I'll show you how in a bit).  We'll review your submission, and if we decide to use it.  We'll pay you for it.  Payments are based on length and our arbitrary assignment of value.  As long as it remains on the site, you will continue to get paid for it.

Wow!  How can you do that Dave?  Well - here's the somewhat tricky part.  We pay you in MyHSMath dollars which can hopefully be exchanged for real money!  Being almost totally ignorant of the law, I'm going to try to be as paranoid about this as possible.  I can't really afford a lawyer to help me with this...   YOU CAN"T AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT A LAWYER - dang, quit yelling.  And, you're definitely correct.  I will hire a lawyer to at least look this over as soon as I can afford one.  This means that we'll probably have to pay for a lawyer before we distribute our first profit money.

So - all of this is subject to change.  It is my dream to set up a profitable situation that gets everyone involved money and that gets as many people involved as I can.  I'm sure someone will hate me for this.  I don't know why - but it's always been my experience, that someone will hate me no matter what I try to do.  Please, please, please - don't spend time you don't have on this website.  But, if you have extra time - think of donating it, and I may surprise you with money.

#3 MyHSMath Dollars

Gee, I think a few people just lost interest.  It may not be as bad as it sounds.  Say I end up paying 100 MyHSMath dollars at the end of this month to several contributors.  You earned 5.  I figure out the sites profit and discover that we still owe $200 for various expenses.  Your 5 MyHSMath dollars are worthless, so - you hang on to them.

Next month, I pay out 150 MyHSMath dollars at the end of the month.  You earned another 5 because - even though you did nothing this month, your article from the previous month is still on the site.  The site finally showed a profit and this month we made a profit of $1000.  50% of the profit goes to pay submitters.  So, there's $500 in the bank and 250 MyHSMath dollars in circulation.  So, at the end of this month, each MyHSMath Dollar can be exchanged for $2 real money.  You can cash in any or all of your MyHSMath dollars.

Let's say you decide not to cash in your dollars.  If that's the case your dollars remain part of the pool.  If the site goes under, your dollars become worthless.  If we grow (which is my intention), we may start making a real income in which your MyHSMath dollars may actually be worth something.

Kind of simple - right?  A few things I sort of slipped in there.  50% of profits - where does the other half of the profits go?  

If you've earned any MyHSMath dollars, I will give you access to our expenses.  This will be a listing of all the money that has been invested in MyHSMath over the years.  None of these expenses concern my contributions (at this point the site has over 100 pages that I have made) nor am I allowed to participate in the MyHSMath dollars.  I am paid 50% of the profits.

#4 Problems with This Idea

As with any system, there are bound to be problems.  Your idea might be extremely similar to someone else's - they got published and you didn't.  We might have replaced your article with a different one or dropped it all together.  You might not believe us when we quote the profit figures for the month.

We will try to make everyone happy, but I'm fairly certain we will fail.  It's just the nature of the beast.  We're going to make mistakes and we're going to be misunderstood.  You may lose your time on this, but, at least I will not take your money.  

Please!  Think of this as fun.  Most sites will not pay you anything for your submissions, we're trying to fix that.  I'm keeping 50% of the profits because I'm a greedy money grubbing creep, most people keep 100% of the profits.  Hey - cut me a break, it was my overall idea.  And, I have put in a considerable amount of time that I am not charging you for.  So, for all these reasons I make the following statement - 

We guarantee absolutely nothing!!

No, I mean it.  All submissions are voluntary, and while the above is our initial intent - if you don't find it fun to make a submission then please do not participate.  "Wait a minute - Are you one of those idiots who comes up with one hair-brained scheme after another?" -  Yes, yes I am.

I've been involved in a pyramid scheme selling cleaning products.  Failed miserably, but - I didn't learn - so I got involved in another pyramid scheme selling vitamins - failed miserably.  (Note:  The people who call these pyramid schemes are the ones who didn't make money.  There are probably people who did make money, and to them these were legitimate business ideas.).  I've also played around with other web-site ideas that failed.  In addition, I used to own a couple of timeshares - you know, free vacation if you agree to listen to a 30 minute presentation that takes about four hours and ends up costing you thousands of dollars.  Yup - I fell for that.  The list goes on.

#5 What do I Submit?

Whatever's on topic and legal.  Please, please, please - send us documentation that says we can use any information that you retrieved from someone else.  Pictures, videos, websites, articles, complaints, Improvement ideas, etc.  Anything and everything that will improve the quality of our site.  I'm very interested in social media ideas as well as thoughts on how to make the Algebra Maze more Maze like.  Anyone who knows html programming is very important to me.

This site is built using Solo Build It!.  If you are a fair to great website builder you will think I'm paying too much.  I am not a website builder - Solo Build It! is the only reason this site exists.  I truly needed their framework.  

#6 Where do I Submit?

The Contact Us form can be used to submit ideas.   If it is too big to fit in the comment form, let us know and we'll white-list you so you can send us an e-mail with an attachment.  I tried to make it as easy as possible, feel free to provide more information (like your last name) if it will make it easier to give you credit.    But you can wait to see if we accept your submission.  Lacking anything else, we will identify you by your e-mail address.  The most efficient way to get paid (from our point of view) is through PayPal.

Notice how I keep using the word "we".  Right now there is no "we", it's just me.  So, be patient.  I'm hanging on the best that I can (that's probably not true - I could probably do better, but I am - at heart - a lazy person).

#7 Please, Tell Me How You Intend To Make Money?

I plan to monetize the site as soon as I notice that I have the traffic.  I am not using social media as of this writing, so I'm only getting about 20 people a day.  It is my understanding that I need at least 100 people a day to justify advertising.  Until then, the site is clean which should help my search engine ratings.

I hit 100 a day and start peppering web-pages with SBI (the system I'm using to build the website), AdSense, and other appropriate advertisers.  Also, I'm totally open to any other monetizing ideas.  I have been working on a kind of text book built with the information at the site, my hope is that this will be particularly useful to home schoolers.

Ah - ignorance, of that I have no shortage.

#8 Why not be more professional?

It's a conscious choice.  Maybe not a good choice, but one that made sense to me.  My competition is extremely professional and extremely well funded.  There is no way I can compete with some of the other math sites (a name that begins with K and ends with Academy comes to mind) on their level.  So, I provide what they can't - me.  Could be good, could be bad - but, it's at least different.

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