Second Grade Math Worksheets and the aMAZEing Math Maze


If you are here for information on Second Grade Math Worksheets, you'll find that information towards the bottom of the web-page.  If you are here because you are working your way through the aMAZEing Math Maze.  Then you must have missed question 5 twice.  No worries, I'm about to explain how to work it.

Q5b Bob's used car.

O'k, in this one Bob is trying to buy a car for $2000.  Right away we know that he will need at least $2000 to purchase this car.  So, we need ≥ 2000 at the end of this equation.  Only answers a and c fit that criteria.  Bob starts out with $500.  It doesn't matter if we list the $500 and add the $100 per week to it, or add the $100 a week and then put in the $500 - both the same equation.  In our case answer a had us starting with 500 and adding 100 per week to it.  We don't know how many weeks, so we are using x for the number of weeks.

Bob is buying a car that cost $2000.  He has $500 and plans to pay $100 a week until the car is paid for.  Which would be the best formula.

a)  500 + 100x  ≥ 2000

b)  500 + 100x ≤ 2000

c) 100x - 500 ≥ 2000

d) 100x + 500  2000

So, at this point you should try again.  What the heck!  Give it another shot.

Second Grade Math Worksheets

Here's the thing.  I promised information on second grade math worksheets - and I'm about to deliver just that.  Let me preface this by saying that I know very little about this site other than the fact that they are a free resource of worksheets for lower level mathematics (and higher level mathematics.  They aren't paying me for this endorsement.  The site wants you to pay $19.95 if you want to get rid of the advertisements.  And there are a lot of advertisements.  The site is called  

At present, because I have so much that I would like to add to this site - I figure why re-invent the wheel.  Give them a try and let me know what you think.  Please let me know if you have any trouble with them at all.  I love to hear from you - any help you can provide is always appreciated.

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