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This page includes information about math addict.  But, it also includes information that isn't categorized under the other headings in the menu.  There are several sites that have good information that are also a part of the aMAZEing Algebra maze.  The problem with the aMAZEing Algebra maze is that it generates a lot of question pages.  If you answer the question incorrectly, the maze tries to explain how you should have worked the problem.  Of course, this meas that a lot of web pages are created that are only seen if you get the questions wrong.  The information from those pages are referenced here.  There's also a few pages that just didn't have a better place to be.

Hey - I'm just learning how to do this - so any suggestions on how to make this site better are appreciated.  Just use the Contact Us form at the end of just about every page.

Math Addict

There is a site that offers math flash card software.  When I checked it out the software was free for the first 30 days, then - if you liked it - you were charged $19.99.  I do not yet receive a commission from this site (and probably won't).  But check it out if you are really interested in flash cards for mathematics.

This site is more aimed at the fact that many of the people closest to me consider me to be a kind of math addict (a kind way of say - obsessive nut).


Cool Math Kid


Maths Primary School

Math Playground

Method Maths

Mathematics Formula

Nets Math

Online Math Learning

Reflex Math

Word Problems

Mathematics Help Central

When Will I Ever Use Math?

Free Math Practice Test

A Collaborative Effort

My initial thoughts on a site for mathematics was to set the site up, have people flock to it, and they would send in ideas and content for pages.  Gee - the site would almost build itself!  3 months and 55 self built web-pages later it occurred to me that possibly I had misunderstood how life happens (again).  At the time of this writing, I am averaging a little over ten unique visitors a day.  I am uncertain as to how many of these visitors are humans and how many are web-crawling robots.

No one has yet offered an opinion, let alone an idea or contribution.  It's as if everyone had a life of their own!  So -- here's a thought.

Hypothesis #1 -  It is impossible to please everyone.

Hypothesis #2 - If we all work together, we could possibly gain a vicarious joy from making one person very happy.

So - the question is - who should that one person be?  Since I thought of this, I believe it would only be fair to make me that one person.- heck - it's worth a try!  So, let's all work together and attempt to make me as happy as possible.

If this idea fails, I have a backup idea.  I will try to give you as much math content as possible, and with your help I will do it faster.  Further - if you submit content, I will try to share my good fortune with you.  Keeping in mind that it is unfortunate that monetary good fortune has thus far eluded me.  On the other hand, there has to be other math addicts out there.

A jumble of math illustrations.

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