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I have a little to say about math online games for kids, but the primary reason for this site is that it is a part of the aMAZEing math game.  If you are into Algebra 1 math quiz's I suggest you go to the beginning by clicking here.

You are part way in the maze, and you missed a problem.  Let's try one more time.

A bit of a curve on this one.  We're dealing with percentages.  When I say 50% it is the same as 0.5 or 5/100, or 1/2.  50% is one half - as in, let's split that 50/50.  You get half and I get half.

The problem - in a nutshell

Bob got his first paycheck, and wanted to spend it on a movie.  He has a coupon for 50% off any concessions he might buy. 

Bob pays $15 to enter the theater and purchases a candy bar, a cola, and popcorn.  What formula would best express Bob's purchases?

So, bob is only paying half of whatever the total or sum of the concessions are.  We can write this as 0.5(candy bar + cola = popcorn) and then add the price of the movie with is $15.00.

Please ask questions if you have any.  I suggest we start over by clicking here.   Stick with it - I know it can be terribly frustrating, but we're making progress.

The problem - in depth

Bob has a coupon for 50% off any concessions, so just the candy bar, the cola, and the popcorn can be bought for half off.  Those are the concessions.  His ticket is the full price of $15.

a) 50%(candy bar + cola + popcorn + $15) = cost - there's a couple of things wrong with answer a.  First of all we're adding the $15 to the cost of the concessions, and the ticket price is not half off - it's just the concessions.  The second problem is that 50%( is not really and acceptable term.  We should get rid of the percent sign and treat this as a decimal in an equation.

b)  0.5(candy bar + cola + popcorn) + $15.00 = cost -  This is the right answer.  We converted the 50% to .5, grouped the concessions into a parenthesis and multiplied to get the discount.  Then added the whole thing to the ticket price. 

c)  50% + candy bar + cola + popcorn + $15 = cost - Here we aren't multiplying anything by the 50%.  It's just being added to the cost.  The word "of" means to multiply.  So, 50% of something means to take .5 times it.

d)  $20.00 - O'k, this answer was meant as a joke.

Math Online Games for Kids

It's a game board from what looks like a very old black and white game with a track with numbers from 1 to 63.

The best selection for truly educational online math games for kids would be at  These are need games for elementary and pre-school children.  As you might have guessed from the name, this site has quite a bit of information on all educational subjects.

I truly hope to expand my site to be all inclusive, give it time.  Long title for a webpage - Math Online Games for Kids, but a lot of people are hunting for this, so I figured I'd help you get to somewhere where you could get good information.  I hope you found something.

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