Math Tutoring and Question 11a of the Maze 


Welcome to Math Tutoring and/or you just missed Question 11 of the aMAZEing Math Maze.  No problem, I'll talk about Question 11 first, and give you your make-up question.  We will cover the Math Tutoring information at the end of this page.  

In question 11 we were talking about linear functions.  So, two concepts linear and function,  The first concept concerns whether or not, when you put in values of x do you get values of y that form a straight line.  If x has an exponent or power that is greater than 1, then the line will not be a straight one.  It will curve.  Linear, in this context, refers to a straight line.  Now, lets look at the possible answers -

a) y = x4

b) y = x/4

c) y = 4x

d) y = 4

Answer a) has x to the fourth power.  So - it cannot be a linear equation.  The fact is that that line will change direction 3 times (4 minus 1).  Answers b) and c) both have x's without written exponents.  Whenever there is no exponent, we assume the exponent is 1.  So, both b) and c) are linear.  b) has a slope of 1/4 and c) has a slope of 4.  Remember the y = mx + b formula for a linear equation where m is slope?

Now, d) is a little stranger because there is no x.  It is still linear, if you plotted it you would draw a straight line parallel to the x axis where y is equal to 4.


Now, let's talk about functions.  An equation is a function if for every value of x there is only one value of y.  All of these equations are functions.

In conclusion, the correct answer is a)!  It is the only answer that is not linear.

Let's try another one.  Remember - on this question - you are looking for the equation that is not a linear function.

Question 11a.

a) y = x + 4

b) y = x + 22

c) y = x2 + 7

d) y = 4x + 4

Click the letter corresponding to the equation that is not a linear function

a)   b)   c)   d)   

Math Tutoring

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