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Middle School Math Tutor - If you're here it's either because you are looking for information  or, you missed a question in the aMAZEing Math maze..  No big deal!!!   Actually it's a good thing because this means you are where you should be.  When you figure out how to answer this problem, you've learned something!  If you are here from a search engine - you may want to try hour hand at the Maze.  There's more information on middle school math tutors after I talk about the Maze question.

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The original problem was ....

Using the formula $3.00 + ($1.20)(length + width + height) = cost what is the cost when the dimensions are 10" for width, 15" for length, and 5" for height?

So, in the equation substitute 10 for the word length and we get $3.00 + ($1.20)(10 +width + height) = cost.  Make the other substitutions for $3 + ($1.20)(10 + 15 + 5) or $3 + ($1.20)(30)  or $3 + $36 = $39.

Note:  0's in front of a whole number, don't mean anything.  So, if I say 7 or 07 they are both the same thing.  You hardly ever see this.  I can think of only one instance, and that's James Bond or 007.  He is number 7 in the organization, we attach no meaning to the 00 as far as value.

Likewise, 0's after a decimal have no meaning.  So $3 is the same as $3.00.  If the cent columns are zero, we don't eve have to write them.  We could write $1.20 as $1.2 and they would mean the same thing (we almost never do, as the convention is to write $1.20).  Answer c of $39 would be the same if I'd have written $39.00.

Q2b  One more time!

So, given the equation  $3.00 + ($1.20)(length + width + height) = cost, what would it cost if the length was 6", the width was 9" and the height was 4"?

a)  $39

b) $25.80

c) $27

d) $27.00

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Middle School Math Tutor

This site is mostly geared towards Algebra 1 and above.  So, it kind of fits middle school as many middle school students are taking Algebra 1 now.  Eventually, we'll be offering online tutoring services on this site.  But, you're worried about now!   Might I recommend mathtutor?  It's a site put on by the Carnegie Mellon University through a grant from the US Department of Education.  And - it's free!!!  When you've learned what they have to offer - come back to us, by that time we will have grown and can probably take up where they left off.

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